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Makko Ho Stretches

The Makko Ho Stretch sequence activates the energy flow in all 12 meridian energy systems, developed by Shiatsu Zen Master Shizuto Masunaga, of Japan.  Masunaga introduced this sequence to the West, to help diagnose which energy meridian lines need help, to improve organ function, and to energize and tone the energy pathways in the body.

You might have heard about Five Element Acupuncture, or Chinese Medicine. Each meridian works with specifc organs and further connected to a particular element, season, color and emotion (to name a few). When practiced regularly, the Makko Ho Stetches help create deeper self awareness for the client, as to where they are in their body that particular moment, to create well health, a profound sense of peace,and balance through the body.

One of the many benefits of the Makko Ho is help feel the state of balance and flow in their body. Depending on the degree of ease and flexibility you experience with each stretch, you can learn a lot about your body both structurally and psychologically. It truly is a self actualization process.

DO THESE EVERY DAY!   And notice where you are tight and flexible. Give yourself support where your body is calling for it, and be gentle with yourself.  For those of you who have taken my Classic Thai Massage class, you will remember how we altered the pose for every individual. 

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This is my all time favorite web link to a visual aid to help remember the sequence.

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