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Therapeutic Massage, Thai Massage, and MediCupping™


Everyone has their own special needs, and Jenni Lyn understands this.She listens to each person with her training in mind, and lets each session unfold as it does, just for that particular person, with only one goal: to help you feel better.

Jenni Lyn's focus is in three very different therapeutic treatments, which can overlap and be integrated in each session, or stand alone sessions.

Therapeutic Table Massage -​ using cream or oils on the skin, with deep tissue, myo-fascial trigger point therapy, using the basis of traditional Swedish Massage movements:  Effleurage (long gliding warming moves), Petrissage (squeezing and kneading), Friction (faster more vibratory movements), or Tapotement (percussive movements).  "There is nothing better that a good therapeutic Swedish massage, for making everything feel so relaxed and loose." Add training in Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Shiatsu and Thai massage, and each session on the table can move into various realms in the same treatment. It is very individualized.

Classic Thai Massage -  Perfect to achieve greater range of motion, joint mobility, increased flexibility, and reduce stagnation, Thai Massage is done fully dressed in loose comfortable clothing, on a floor mat. Increased flexibility is just one of the benefits. The rocking rhythmic flow of a good Thai Massage treatment, along with targeted Acupressure is deeply relaxing, and seeks to reduce stagnation in the body, mind, and spirit.


Jenni Lyn studied Thai massage at the ITM School of Massage in Chiang Mai, as well as Advanced Thai massage and herbal compresses at Baan Hom Samunphrai,, a very special school near Chiang Mai, and at Kripalu in Western Massachusetts. She found this to be a good complement to her Shiatsu training and often combines the treatments into one incredible session.

​"Traveling to Thailand several times, for Advanced Thai Massage and natural healing helped me learn how to move the body, client as well as practitioner, so that we can get the best stretch with breath control and mobility. I know people leave my office feeling great relief. My teacher at Baan Hom is a fantastic educator, third generation healer, and i learned so very much from her."

MediCupping, or Massage Cupping, also called VacuTherapy -  Is used to relieve inflammation, drain/move fluids in soft tissue, move stagnation, improve circulation, ease restrictions in tissue communication, like scar tissue, or range of movement restriction due to surgical scarring or injury. MediCupping is based on the same principles as traditional Asian cupping, however it is a moving flowing work, in contrast to treatments that do not actively move the cups on the skin. Moving the cups along the areas of restriction and inflammation, in specific directions can lift and "unstick" stuck areas affected by chronic injury or recent surgery. 


"MediCupping is unbelievable in scar reformation. Old Caesarian scars, injuries that have puckered scars or chronic restrictions, digestive issues, bursitis, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, and the list goes on. Using an "Active Cup" approach keeps the cup dynamic and moving along the skin, to sedate or stimulate, in contrast to the types of cupping you might have seen in the Olympics where the cup is "parked" in a particular area, creating rings of broken capillaries. Particularly good on the feet for those with peripheral neuropathy, or numbness, MediCupping is an amazing, gently, different treatment," Jenni Lyn states.

MediCupping$ Varies / each
Thai Massage$100 / 90 minutes
Therapeutic Massage$100 / 90 minutes
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