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Therapeutic Masssage

The positive effects of Therapeutic Massage have been well documented for many generations, and go back in other countries farther than we can recall. I wish I could have been there, but at the time, I may have been called a witch! These days most people are familiar with the term "massage therapy" and Swedish massage, or deep tissue work. The most important thing to consider for a massage to be therapeutic is the therapists ability to translate the goals and objectives of the client into a session that meets their goals, using the tools in the therapists tool box. My tool box has a few amazing tools inside, and every therapist has their own expertise to apply to their work.

My first love was Shiatsu, a treatment method that combines ancient Chinese and Japanese acupressure to the meridian lines still used today in Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM. I learned Swedish table massage at the same time, and learned that I could apply what I loved about Shiatsu in table work! It made perfect sense to me. Use the deep tissue, acupressure, and Swedish all together, and you'd have quite a session!

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