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OM NAMO English Version

Before every Thai or Shiatsu massage session, it is essential to give thanks to the educators and founders of this special bodywork. Here is an example of what I will be thinking about when I start a session, and if you listen carefully, you might even here me murmering the words in Thai...but here is the English version.

We invite the spirit of our founder, The Father Doctor “Shivago”, who taught us through his saintly life. Please bring to us knowledge of nature, and show us the true medicine in the universe.

Though this prayer, we request your help, that through our hands, you will bring wholeness and health to the body of our client.

The god of healing dwells in the heavens high while mankind remains in the world below. In the name of the founder, may the heavens be reflected in the earth, so that this healing medicine may encircle the world. 

We pray for the one whom we touch, that they will be happy and that any illness will be released from them.

English Version: translated by Chongkol Setthakorn, from ITM School of Massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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